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Your Child’s Unique Needs
Paediatric dentists receive extensive schooling to treat the medical, developmental, emotional, and behavioural needs of your growing child.

Is Your Child Nervous or Afraid?

  • We understand! We strive to make the experience positive. Parents are welcome to sit with and support their child.
  • To help young or anxious children, we can use laughing gas and medicines to help children accept dental care.
  • We can treat children in the operating room with the help of paediatric anaesthesia doctors.

Toothache or a Tooth Injury?
Some kids can’t eat or sleep, and even miss school because their teeth hurt or they have an infection. If your child is in pain or has had an injury, please bring your child to Al Shifas’ Dental. We accommodate emergency visits for patients who need help right away.

Al Shifa and Shifa’s treatments includes;
1) Pulp Treatment
2) Pit and Fissure Sealants
3) Space Maintainers
4) Habit Breaking Appliances